SDIY PCBs For Sale



Synthesizer Do It Yourself (SDIY), it doesn’t get better than that. If you want an exotic module or the most plain vanilla VCO, you just do it.

The pages here will hopefully lead you to some very interesting and useful modules which will compliment those you have or become a unique system all on its own. I encourage you to browse and let me know if you have questions or suggestions. The intent was first and foremost to bring back Nyle Steiner’s vintage designs on modern PCBs. Nyle played a big part in this effort and tested pretty much every module. They are as faithful as I could make them to the original design. I did add some power conditioning which was absent, but also included all of Nyle’s conditioning where it was used. The parts are still available, and for the most part can be had at your favorite supply store. A couple are a little difficult to track down, but I managed to find some sources which will be on the Parts and Components page. For ones and twos, I have a small stock of extras, contact me and we can discuss your needs.

Navigate the menu at the left to explore the various modules available. I will try to keep a modest stock on all PCBs. If you need larger quantities than are available, please let me know.

There are two basic derivations, first the entire catalog of Steiner-Parker Synthasystem™ modules have been reproduced. these are all offered suitable to be installed in a Euro or Frac Rack system. They can also be placed behind a large format panel. Second, I’ve made PCBs for a few unique Moog™ modules which are not usually offered or reproduced, like the Reverb, and 914 Fixed Filter Bank. Most are made for Euro or Frac Rack panels. The 984 Mixer and CP3 are best behind a 5U panel.

If you are looking for the newest modules with the latest analog, digital, or hybrid designs, check out my links pages to many other fine suppliers of kits, PCBs, and full modules. If you want a link to your business included, just let me know and I’ll add it.

In the end, enjoy!

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