This page has the links to the latest panel designs.

Please don’t just order a panel before you check the following:

  1. The hole sizes will fit your choice of jacks, pots, switches, screws, etc.
  2. The spacing will work with your favorite pots, jack, switches, etc.
  3. The lettering and overall design works with your system style.
  4. These panels specify no infill

There are two zip files that have all the panels in them. I designed them with the software from Front Panel Express/Schaffer. Their panels are excellent, the software is pretty good, and I have no complaints. You are free to use these designs, but remember the Steiner logo is the property of Nyle Steiner and is used with his permission. I don’t use a Moog™ logo anywhere. My Analogue Realities logo is my property, but you are welcome to use it or not when you make the panels.

Please give credit where credit is due if you use these for profit. Make sure you compensate Nyle in particular if you benefit from his work.


Steiner Panel Files

Moog Panels