My Studio

I am highly skeptical of any SDIY’er who says their studio hasn’t changed in the last two hours, much less the last year or two. I think I change something every time I walk in the door. Part of the fun, right?

Right now, I have one primary modular system which is also grouped into a few independent modular systems, sort of a modular modular. First and foremost is the very complete Steiner-Parker Synthasystem™ I “re-issued” thanks to Nyle. I also have a John Bowen Synth Design™ Solaris, a Moog™ MiniMoog Voyager™ keyboard and RME, Moog™ MiniTaur and Werkstat, a MacBeth Studio Systems™ X-Series Micromac rack mount, an Anyware Instruments Tinysizer, a Dave Smith Instruments™ Tempest , a TTSH ARP 2600™  clone (still under construction), and an AJH MiniMoog clone in modular format. These are mostly played with a duo keyboard, ribbon controller. The MIDI 2 CV task is accomplished with a MIDI driven Steiner-Parker keyboard module that emulates a Pratt-Read keyboard using reed switches to replace the keyboard using a Doepfer MTC64 to drive the reed switches, and two MIDI 2 CV converters.

I have a rebuilt Teac A3440 four track overdubbing tape deck, a TASCAM DP-24 digital studio, and a Teac Model 2A mixer with meter bridge to record and edit. I also have other equipment to compliment these synthesizers detailed in the menu to the left (still to come…).

I love it all. The Solaris is an amazing modeling system that is insanely powerful, and rich sounding. The MiniMoog™ was one of my dream machines since I saw one at my local synthesizer/instrument shop in the mid 70s and Allan did a perfect job turning it into modules. The MiniMoog Voyager™ with new components, modern construction, but all the old flavor of the MiniMoog™ also satisfies my MiniMoog™ jones. The Micromac is a wonderful new design for all analog synthesizer voice. The Tempest is a great mix of technology for that beat to drive the latest composition.The Tinysizer is an amazingly compact and clever fully patchable synthesizer. The Micromac is a true synthesizer voice in a box with a semi-modular patching system.

I sold most of my “second modular” and found a way to put gear that was going unused closer to my fingertips. I purchased some Atdec laptop and monitor arms and a couple of laptop shelves. My DP-24 and Tempest fit nicely on the laptop shelves. My Tinysizer and the extra euro racks mount using a VESA standard monitor mount. I can swivel what I’m not using out of the way or bring something within easy reach for patching and knobbing.

Please have fun looking at the equipment while scratching your head as you wonder what was I thinking? I still haven’t figured it out and I’m thankful my wife just ignores the whole mess for the most part.

The BIG news is I now have a Moog Model 15 on order!! I also received my Moog 953 keyboard controller. Very nice.

I promise I’ll work on a proper equipment list and will try to muster the courage to share some examples of this instrument at work.

Here are some photos of my current Synthasystem, my MoogerFooger rack, and some miscellaneous Moog™ module clones, some purchased and some my own layouts. Thank you:

  • Nyle
  • Roger –
  • Bob – Analogue Solutions
  • Kazike (/k) – COTK
  • Analogue Tommy – Anyware Instruments
  • Allan – AJH Synth
  • Ken – MacBeth Studio Systems
  • Dave and Roger – DSI
  • Bob – Moog Music
  • David – Vintage 47 Amps
  • David – Nice Racks
  • Sebastien – MOS-LAB
  • Carsten – Analog Monster
  • Dave – Modular Synthesis
  • Jurgen Haible

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