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Changes to Studio!

I have some changes to report in my studio. More details are in the “My Studio” page. I bought a Moog One, added some modules and nice power cabinets to my Moog Model 15 and Synth-Werk based modular system, and a nice vintage Steiner keyboard controller to my Synthasystem and keyboardless Synthacons!

Here is the new Moog One. right above in my Voyager Select series. Above that (not visible) is my Minimoog Model D re-issue.
Straight shot of the Model 15 (on the left) with the Synth-Werk P-Cabs and modules. A black Moog 953 duophonic keyboard controller sits in front.
Here is the keyboard connected to the keyboardless Synthacon.

Merry Christmas!

Celebration Whatever you do or don’t worship or celebrate this time of year, it is a great time to reflect, give thanks, and look forward to new, better, and wonderous things. For my part, I celebrate the birth of my Lord, Jesus Christ. I wish you peace, joy, love, health, and prosperity. I also inviteContinue Reading

Update to Misc./Guns

I have an update to my “Guns” page here…

On their way!!

I placed an order with Synth-Werk in April for some cabinets, a sequencer compliment, and some other things. Synth-Werk has been extremely busy but Gerhard has been working very hard to keep up with orders. I’ve been more than happy to wait because Synth-Werk is so great to work with and their gear is topContinue Reading