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Update to Microcon Page

I updated some information regarding the DAMP function/switch on the Microcon page. In brief: There are two revisions to the PCB, 1.2 and 1.3. The only difference between the revisions is the wiring to the DAMP switch. Nyle noticed an error in his schematic for the DAMP switch which only requires you to swap aContinue Reading

Studio page update

I added some new photos to the Studio page. Have a look!

Updates complete to the 914 pages

I finished updating the pages for the 914 FFB project. There is a complete description of the corrections which should be made. In particular if you made an inductor version, you should change the capacitors in the LP cell. The LP cell in the GIC version is fine. Please have a look and get backContinue Reading

Updates to the Moog™ 914 FFB page

I am updating the 914 FFB pages. Long story, but I went back to my 914 clone design and found several corrections I missed on my first go at this wonderful filter. Nothing fatal, but I recommend making the changes to your PCBs. Some only apply to the GIC version, some only to the inductorContinue Reading