Monthly Archives: May 2018

Still Here!!!

I thought I should add some kind of update to confirm that I am still here and going strong. I really need to get some videos together because I think I have some very interesting gear that should be seen and heard and compared. A good example is delay modules. I ma fascinated by these effects. I have a Blacet Time Module, Doepfer analog delay, two Moog Mooger Fooger delays, a TipTop Audio Z-DSP, and a T-Rex Replicator tape delay and I just ordered an Oakley ADR30 analog delay kit using the venerable MN3005 BBD chip.

I have also added some gear of late including a T-Rex Replicator tape delay, DFAM, Erica Synths Graphic VCO, and other gear. I also finished my restoration of a Moog 1150 Ribbon controller and am negotiating the purchase of a restored Moog 1125 Sample & Hold.

I’m most excited about an order for some modules by Synth-Werk! Gerhard has put together some amazing Moog clone modules following the original schematics, adapted to a “Dot Com” power connector for ease and compatibility, but still able to be used in vintage and the newly reissued Moog modulars! Really brilliant. He will even add S-Trigger connectors to those modules that use triggers for complete compatibility with vintage gear. I ordered a 921ABBB module set to augment the 921A and two 921Bs in my Moog Model 15. I also added a VCA, EG, HP Filter, Dual Trigger Delay, and EnvelopeĀ  Follower, with S-Trigger connectors where appropriate. I also bought an “extra” 921B which I want to put in the Model 15 so I have three 921Bs instead of just two. I’ll probably put the Moog Attenuators module in the expansion cabinet to make room for the third 921B. I have a second Dot Com Q960 sequencer with Sequential Switch, Sequencer Interface, and Quantizer that I will install with the Synth-Werk modules in two expansion cabinets, again from Dot Com; an “8 Space” and a “16 Space” cabinet that will sit nicely beside the Model 15. I can’t wait to get it together and fire it up.

There are also other projects and gear going on in my shop/studio that I just find fascinating and would like to highlight and share on my YouTube Channel. I have a nice collection of HP calculators with and without modifications. I have acquired some very useful test gear, I love oscilloscopes, and other things. Bottom line, I’d like to share some of this, so I hope some decent videos will be forthcoming… stay tuned.