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Steiner Documentation Available!

Nyle said I could share his schematics, etc. with YOU!!! The link is found under the Catalog and SDIY section. The organization isn’t the best, oh well. If you use these, please give credit to Nyle. If you use them to make money, please consider giving Nyle something for his genius, effort, and years of work he has spent in this wonderful world of synthesizers!


Steiner Documentation Page…

Changes to Studio!

I have some changes to report in my studio. More details are in the “My Studio” page. I bought a Moog One, added some modules and nice power cabinets to my Moog Model 15 and Synth-Werk based modular system, and a nice vintage Steiner keyboard controller to my Synthasystem and keyboardless Synthacons!

Merry Christmas!

Celebration Whatever you do or don’t worship or celebrate this time of year, it is a great time to reflect, give thanks, and look forward to new, better, and wonderous things. For my part, I celebrate the birth of my Lord, Jesus Christ. I wish you peace, joy, love, health, and prosperity. I also inviteContinue Reading

Update to Misc./Guns

I have an update to my “Guns” page here…