Merry Christmas!


Whatever you do or don’t worship or celebrate this time of year, it is a great time to reflect, give thanks, and look forward to new, better, and wonderous things. For my part, I celebrate the birth of my Lord, Jesus Christ. I wish you peace, joy, love, health, and prosperity. I also invite you to come to Christ and find His love, peace, forgiveness, and redemption. May His light fill your soul with his love and may you find His peace in these troubled times.

Jupiter and Saturn!!!

This universe is beautiful and wonderous. The fact we can appreciate its beauty and its science is incredible. My kids and grandkids came over tonight to look at conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. Here’s a link to the Nasa information:

NASA information: Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn

I have a small telescope which allowed us to barely see Saturn’s rings and a few of Jupiter’s moons. I even managed to take a photo with my cell phone through the eyepiece. The fact our brains can even begin to comprehend the majesty, beauty, and complexity of it all and at the same time devise a system of mathematics and physics that actually describes it to any extent astounds me. I am thankful for a God who gave us this breathtaking universe and the ability to appreciate and understand it.

Here is the photo I took. I’m amazed I could even capture anything much less the moons.

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