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On their way!!

I placed an order with Synth-Werk in April for some cabinets, a sequencer compliment, and some other things. Synth-Werk has been extremely busy but Gerhard has been working very hard to keep up with orders. I’ve been more than happy to wait because Synth-Werk is so great to work with and their gear is topContinue Reading

Just one more synthesizer, I promise :)

Just when I’m sure I have the synthesizer collection I want and need, someone releases something that “I’ve been wanting all my life!” For several years, there have been rumors Korg would re-issue the ARP 2600, but I never heard or saw anything solid until last January. Remember the leak? I immediately emailed my contactContinue Reading

Update to Microcon Page

I updated some information regarding the DAMP function/switch on the Microcon page. In brief: There are two revisions to the PCB, 1.2 and 1.3. The only difference between the revisions is the wiring to the DAMP switch. Nyle noticed an error in his schematic for the DAMP switch which only requires you to swap aContinue Reading

Studio page update

I added some new photos to the Studio page. Have a look!