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New stuff

A few new things happening:

  1. I purchased an ARP 2600, gray face but with the 4072 filter. Don’t have it in hand right now, but I will try to document the cleaning and calibration after I get it. It seems to be in very good shape and just had some work done, but I think it will need a bit more TLC when I get it.
  2. I’m working on the Arcenson Moog 904 filter trio. I opted to use vintage transistors instead of newer substitutes. I don’t really believe it will make any difference that I will be able to hear, but psychologically, it’s more satisfying. I’ll try to post some photos and progress on the Misc SDIY Projects page.
  3. I built a Blacet Time Machine to put in the system. I tried a NOS MN3005 chip and a newly released MN3005 clone from Small Bear Electronics. Both work great! I’ll add some photos and more info on the Misc SDIY Projects page.
  4. I’ve lost a bunch of weight. I document what I did and how it’s working for me here -> Has anyone found 70 pounds?

I still am planning to put some video together of the Steiner Synthasystem. I’ve got most things in place and have had about enough time playing with the gear to have a better understanding of the operation and think I can actually put something useful together. Stay tuned…

Minimoog Model D re-issue arrived!

Yes, I bought a Model D re-issue. Hopefully the last link in that chain that is my mid-life crisis. I still have the memory in my head going to the local music store and seeing the Model D sitting there with a price tag that an unemployed 17 year old had no chance of paying.Continue Reading

Moog Model 15 has arrived!

It came! Yes, it’s worth every penny of the $10,000.00 I paid. Here are some photos unpacking and of the first patch. Mine is #84. No clue how many were/will be made, but when I ordered mine, Sweetwater said Moog was taking their last orders. I beat the deadline by a week. talk about goodContinue Reading

Thought I’d share my latest purchase. Yes, a Moog Model 15! There is a wait, maybe 3 or 4 months, but I’ve waited 40 years already, what’s a few more months :)