Audio Equipment

This whole affair has rekindled a love for analog music in all forms including vinyl and tape. I first sought out my old Thorens TD-165 turntable and was sad to find it was gone. Ebay to the rescue. I found a TD-165 in superb condition, very little use for a good price. A tube phono stage and headphone amplifier from Decware and a new TD-309 from Thorens rounded out my gear.

To this I added a record cleaner by VPI Industries, HW-16.5 and cleaning and preservation fluids from The Last Factory (excellent customer support) to make my old records like new again and to keep the new ones in great shape.

I’m in the middle of re-organizing the gear because my floor is a bit lively. I purchased some shelving from Audio Suspension. It is very well built and very aesthetically pleasing; a very unique design. As soon as I have it all organized and set up again, I’ll post some photos.