Misc – Outdoors

The following pages are about my outdoor interests like Jeeps, guns, and other outdoor fun.

Pretty much the first vehicle I ever owned was a 1948 Jeep CJ2A. Since then, I’ve owned numerous Jeeps and own a 1990 Wrangler YJ (my son’s and my project) and a 2010 Wrangler, 2 door Rubicon model. Jeeping, camping, river running, boating and water skiing, have been a part of my life since high school in the mid 70s. The Jeep page has links to some interesting Jeep information and my Jeeps. The boating has a few links for Malibu boat and general boat supplies.

Besides instilling a love for knowledge, electronics and mechanical devices, my dad also taught me to love our country and instilled a deep respect and love for our constitution. Despite not owning a gun, my dad would take us shooting from time to time and taught my brothers and me the basics of shooting. Fast forward and now with my son, we have developed a love for shooting and firearms. The links on the Gun page are some fun and interesting links to gun and shooting related sites and some YouTube channels that have some fun and interesting videos relating to the same. Enjoy.