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Updates to the Moog™ 914 FFB page

I am updating the 914 FFB pages. Long story, but I went back to my 914 clone design and found several corrections I missed on my first go at this wonderful filter. Nothing fatal, but I recommend making the changes to your PCBs. Some only apply to the GIC version, some only to the inductorContinue Reading


I just bought a keyboardless Synthacon! I am finishing up a restoration on the system. This included undoing some sketchy repairs and other maintenance that was less than stellar. It also involved some minor repairs like some broken or nearly broken wires. I managed to find some exact replacement parts, like those slider switches NyleContinue Reading

All back online!

Everything should be working now. Please drop me a line if something is broken. David

Images BACK!!!

The images and links are mostly working except the eStore links. We are working on getting the eStore plugin updated. That should be working in a few days at most. Thank you to my daughter who is beyond brilliant!