TTSH version 1 PCB, panel, and case



Up for grabs are my TTSH un-built version 1 PCB, panel, case, and an non inventoried parts “kit” with rare parts. I’m never going to make time to build this thing and I no longer want to make room to keep it. Just trying to cut my losses, so I’m not asking what I paid. The shipping costs are my best estimates because i don’t know where you live. If shipping and packing is less, I’ll refund. If it’s a little more, I’ll eat it. If it’s a lot more, I’ll let you know and we can work out a fair solution. PLEASE ask me any questions you want before you buy.

PHOTOS ARE HERE [removed link] Note: not pictured are the slide pots and the PCB mounted jacks. These are included.


PCBs and panel:

The PCBs as supplied by The Human Comparator. Unbuilt, ready for your hot solder. One unused, no blemish panel. I’ve had a good look at this one and I don’t see any problems. Look at the photos and if you see something I don’t, let me know.

I PAID: $626.26 for the set


One unused case. New condition, no damage.

I PAID: $313.13


You get my bin of parts with spares. Includes the slider pots, switches, jacks, rare parts, DC-DC converter, power supply, pretty much everything but the speakers. I also basically ordered enough to do two whole systems, so you will have plenty of spares if a slider or switch fails. Please take note, when I ordered everything, I tried to keep it all together, but I can’t promise. The rare parts and other misc parts like the switches and jacks are there, but you might be missing the odd resistor or capacitor. You also get a 2.5 amp power supply (without IEC power cord) and 2 DC-DC converters to choose from. Rare parts from THONK so they should be good. If something is DOA, let me know. I f something you think should be there is not, let me know and I’ll do what I can to make good.

I PAID: A pain to completely add up due to all the places I had to buy from, but conservatively about to $650.00 plus, including the rare parts, jacks, tempcos, DC-DC converters, powers supply and spares. The Mouser list is about $360.00 on its own just for the parts they stock last I checked.

Final notes:

These items are all listed separately so you can buy what you want. If you think the pricing is not reasonable, let me know and I’ll discuss it with you. Remember, with the parts, you are getting a bunch of spare parts. If you buy more than one item, I’ll work with you on  any shipping charges.