March 21, 2015:

You may notice several Steiner PCBs have a “Zero” quantity right now. There’s a great reason for that, but I am waiting share the news until things are more firm. To keep my promise that I will keep stock, I’m preparing a big order for all the Steiner modules, so if you want to buy one that is out of stock, take heart, I should have full stock in a month or so. Keep watching the home page for news.

March 17, 2015:

All the Steiner modules are done. The Microcon needs to be filled in, but you can buy circuit boards for any of the PCBs. I also added the Moog™ 984 Four Channel Mixer PCBs.

January 1, 2015:

A new year and a burgeoning web site. I’m pretty happy with how the new site is coming. The shopping cart works for all the available modules. The build notes and schematics are only available for a few modules, though, sorry. If you want to buy a PCB, please contact me (contact form) and I can email you all the documentation.


December 18, 2014:

The store is open and I hope it’s working. I only have the Moog™ FFB clone in there at the moment, but will be diligently adding all the Steiner modules and the other Moog™ modules as fast as I can.

Please let me know if the site can be easier to navigate. I’m not an expert at WordPress, but I can manage most essential features. What I don’t know (which is a lot), my web designer can fix.