Updates to the Moog™ 914 FFB page

I am updating the 914 FFB pages. Long story, but I went back to my 914 clone design and found several corrections I missed on my first go at this wonderful filter. Nothing fatal, but I recommend making the changes to your PCBs. Some only apply to the GIC version, some only to the inductor version, I think most apply to both versions. Mostly the corrections involve changing some capacitors and a resistor, removing a couple of resistors and installing jumpers in place of two capacitors. There are a couple of optional corrections, too. The pages are basically updated, but I’m still proof reading them and I need to update and add some more photographs. I also need to re-do some of the documentation and finish up new PCBs which use inductors from CineMag since Carsten doesn’t offer his inductors anymore. I built a prototype and it is excellent! A very close match to the “ideal” response Moog™ published in the modular synthesizer owner’s manual.

I also still need to make some videos. I acquired some more gear, like a Moog Vocoder, an Arp Odyssey, a big expansion from Synth-Werk to my Model 15, a Buchla Music Easel, a Korg Arp 2600 FS on order (still waiting for it), a second Steiner keyboardless Synthacon, a Moog 1130 drum controller, a Pearl Syncussion with two drum controllers, and an Apparatus tube synthesizer on order. I will do some, really…

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