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Inventory – big order being prepared

You may notice several Steiner PCBs have a “Zero” quantity right now. There’s a great reason for that, but I am waiting share the news until things are more firm. To keep my promise that I will keep stock, I’m preparing a big order for all the Steiner modules, so if you want to buyContinue Reading

Moog™ 984 Four Channel Mixer PCBs

The Moog™ 984 Four Channel Mixer PCBs are available. The build details are mostly done, but some minor details are missing. Email if you have questions.

New photos

I’ve got my studio re-do pretty much done. The new desk for the Steiner/Moog™ synthesizer is done, I got the new racks from Nice-Racks.com (thanks David) and the Moogerfoogers are installed. Go to My Studio for a few photos of the one wall. I’ll be adding more information over time. I think the next taskContinue Reading

Synthasystem modules added

I think I have all the Synthasystem modules from the old site incorporated into the new site. I can now add the details to the keyboard, ENVVD, and Microcon. Let me know if there are mistakes I’ve missed. David