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PCBs are here!

The shipment of Steiner PCBs arrived today. Now, I need to figure out where I’m going to keep them. As soon as I can unpack them and check them out I’ll update the inventory in the catalog. Thanks for your patience.

Order Placed!

I just placed the order for new stock on all PCBs (already have new stock for the VCO-Ba PCBs). Should be here in a couple of weeks. Now, I have to find somewhere to store more than 3000 PCBs!

Steiner Documentary

Nyle came by today, which is always a treat. The occasion was there is a documentary being made about him and his life. Part of that life crossed mine and so I got to be a small part, too. When the documentary is finished, I’ll post a link if it’s allowed. It was a lotContinue Reading

Inventory – big order being prepared

You may notice several Steiner PCBs have a “Zero” quantity right now. There’s a great reason for that, but I am waiting share the news until things are more firm. To keep my promise that I will keep stock, I’m preparing a big order for all the Steiner modules, so if you want to buyContinue Reading