On their way!!

I placed an order with Synth-Werk in April for some cabinets, a sequencer compliment, and some other things. Synth-Werk has been extremely busy but Gerhard has been working very hard to keep up with orders. I’ve been more than happy to wait because Synth-Werk is so great to work with and their gear is top quality. Gerhard sent me this photo today!

The three small boxes are single height, 8U wide cabinets. The two big boxes are the sequencer compliment and a basically empty cabinet. I decided to replace the Synthesizer Dot Com cabinets I was using with “Moog” style cabinets; 2 rows full height and one row half height. Combined with my Model 15 re-issue, this will give me the equivalent of 4 cabinets! I bought one of Gerhard’s 984 Matrix Mixers (I know I have my own version, but the Synth-Werk will be the exact configuration as the original with a photo etched panel). I also bought a couple of CP# half height mixers and half height reversible attenuators so I can free up some of the full height slots for other modules. I swear I’m going to do some videos…

Sequencer Compliment by Synth-Werk
This is my sequencer compliment after testing.


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