Misc. – Guns

I like guns, too. This page has links and other information pertaining to guns, shooting, and other related information.

First, a photo of my Smith & Wesson 500 magnum.

Smith and Wesson 500 01

Yes, it does pack a kick. I would not want to run 1000’s of rounds through it, but fun for some target practice and protection when I’m on the ranch.

This is my son’s POF P415:

POF P415

Manufacturers I like:

Smith & Wesson – S&W 500 Magnum 10.5 inch hunter

Patriot Ordanance Facotry – POF – P415 Gen3 AR 15 rifle

Magnum Research – Desert Eagle “Baby Eagle”


Kimber America

Sig Sauer

Springfield Armory

Auto Ordanance


Ballistics 101

Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification – Concealed Firearm Permit information and application

Firearms Laws – two of the best books you can read about Utah firearm laws and self defense laws nationwide

Random other sites:

R. Lee Ermey

Top 10 Ridiculously Huge Handguns – Toptenz.net

YouTube Channels in no particular order:


The Late Boy Scout


Colion Noir

Ronald Lee Ermey – Lock-n-Load

GunnyRLeeErmey – Official YouTube


Military Arms Channel