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There is something comforting in the warm glow of the heater in a vacuum tube. Tubes hold a mystique that really defies logic. Although, of all the myths in audio, one that I think can be objectively shown to be true is tubes sound different that transistors in part because they respond differently to being over driven. More graceful? I will not debate whether or not that difference is better, I just like tubes. I have four reverbs, a Moog™ clone I did, a Synthesizers.Com™ I re-purposed behind a euro rack panel, a digital reverb, and a tube reverb by Vintage 47. I love the tube reverb most. What an exquisite piece of audio gear to look at and to listen to.

Tubes have also made their way into modular synthesizers. Lots of fun here.

An interesting tidbit. If you are looking for reverb tanks, many of the tube vendors carry them for the old and new guitar amps. See the Synthesizer Vendor/Components page for some other reverb tank resources.

There is some overlap on this page with the turntable link page because a lot of  sites that deal with turntables (especially the vendors) also deal with vacuum tube audio gear. Sites that are essentially only vacuum tube gear are here, on the vacuum tube page. More generic vendors of higher end audio gear and turntable specific links are on the Turntable links page.

Tavish Design – Amazing tube and hybrid phono stages and amplifier. Amazing design, performance, and support. Thank you Scott!

Decware – High quality vacuum tube audio gear.

Amplitrex – Amazing tube tester and characteristic tracer. Love mine.

Vintage 47 Amps – Excellent guitar amps, reverbs, speakers, and great owner.

Tubes 4 Hi-Fi

DOS4Ever – Excellent DIY tube tester and characteristic tracer.

DOS4Ever – links to tube testers

Antique Electronic Supply

Audio Tubes

CE Distribution – wholesale only

Vintage Radio – Heathkit Manual Archive

Mod Kits DIY

Mojo Tone

Radiola Guy

RAT Tube Tester DIY

Tube Store

Cathode Ray Tube Site

Triode Electronics

Tube Depot

Banzai Music

Tubes Store

Tube Sound

Vacuum Tubes, Inc.

Lenard Audio Institute

Tubular Electronics – Heathkit manuals and vintage books.

Dynakit Parts

Velleman Tube Audio Amplifier Kit

Atma-Sphere – Super high end audio power amplifiers.

Vacuum State