Links – Reel to Reel Tape Recorder

This page is geared towards TEAC reel to reel tape decks and some general information regarding reel to reel recorders/players.

I bought a TEAC A3440 4 track, 4 channel tape deck because it will allow overdubbing. Four tracks is pretty limited, but still very cool. I bought a custom cart for it which also holds my Moog™ Minimoog Voyager RME.

TEAC A3440 2014-12-26 12.49.36

Great Bear

Audio Restoration

JRF Magnetic Sciences

Interwest Electronics (These guys service all my vintage gear)

Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording

Oak Tree

Angel Fire

Recording Data Services (RDS) (pretty much the only source for new tape)

RMG (manufacturer of new tape, available at RDS)

Reel Pro Sound Guys

Open Reel

BC Electronics

The TEAC Place

The Absolute Sound (New reel to reel decks)