Links – Personal Pages

Thank you to everyone on this page. Mostly in alphabetic order. Some of these sites might have been included with the Vendors because they sell PCBs and other stuff, but I think they are not really commercial ventures, per sé. The sales seem to be more of a side item on the site. So, there are here.

ACX Synth

Analogue Monster

Dave Alex (Moog Modular schematic blueprints)

Dave Brown – Modular Synthesis (Perhaps the most awesome site on the net for SDIY information. THANKS DAVE!)


Don Tillman

Dragonfly Alley – Bill and Will

Electric Druid

E-Music DIY Archive

Crazy Patrouche (French)

Fantasy Jack Palance


Guitar Fool

Ian fritz

Jürgen Haible archive (rest in peace JH)


Minimoog Wiki

Mode Zero

Moog Modular (links to Don Martin’s release of Moog modules in 1996)

Oliver Grall (French and English)

Papareil Synth Labs (Marc Bareille, English and French)

Patch Pierre

René Schmitz

Sam Ecoff

Scott Sites

Seb’s Synth-DIY

Synth and Studio Docs Archives


Tim Stinchcombe

Wendy Carlos

YU Synth – SDIY Archives (Yves Usson)

YU Synth Modular projects (Yves Usson)

Hack a Brute (modify a MiniBrute French)

Hack a Brute (modify a MiniBrute English)